Tuesday, April 28, 2015

New STARDUST (The Starlight Trilogy #3) Excerpt!

We are less than one month away from the release of STARDUST (The Starlight Trilogy #3)!

To celebrate, here is a brand new excerpt:

***Disclaimer: A legally purchased stock image was used to create this Stardust teaser photo. James Dean's estate is in no way affiliated with The Starlight Trilogy.***

STARDUST, the final book in my 1950s Hollywood romance series, The Starlight Trilogy, will be released worldwide on Tuesday May 26, 2015!

STARDUST is Currently Available for Preorder from Amazon 

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Following their Academy Award wins, the film careers of Elizabeth Sutton and Aidan Evans reach stratospheric heights. Now bona fide superstars, the Hollywood press and throngs of starstruck fans await them at every turn, and the pressure to maintain their luminary status for the benefit of Starlight Studios escalates.

Away from the spotlight, Beth and Aidan's forbidden romance intensifies. Passionate nights spent together in secret stoke their mutual desires, each experience more extraordinary than the last. 

Beth is thrilled with the breakthroughs in both her professional and personal lives, but perpetual feelings of guilt and self-doubt cripple Aidan's happiness. Slowly, the burdens brought on by the fame he neither courted nor craved unleash his inner torment, releasing the demons Beth's love and support helped him cage. 

Aidan must embark on a final journey to move on from his traumatic past once and for all, but the outcome is anything but certain. It leads him down an unexpectedly dark path, from an explosive showdown with studio head Luther Mertz, to a jarring revelation about his mother’s death that could hold the key to his salvation or exile him from everyone he loves forever. 

Stardust is the powerful conclusion to The Starlight Trilogy, a story of love and redemption set against the backdrop of the final years of Hollywood's Golden Age.

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